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Monkey Project

The Monkey Project aims to bring intimate house parties on a large scale while still keeping the spirit and energy of these parties. We bring together well known global DJ’s and local dj’s in special venues in Istanbul and Cesme, Izmir to providing the best in tech house, techno, progressive house and deep house music to an extraordinary crowd. 
Our efforts are not only limited to our parties: a web based music magazine is currently in development which will not only include mixes, reviews and interviews with the best DJ’s but will also all the latest events and opportunities in Turkey for amateur DJ’s to follow.


We will never judge you by your look, your life choices; your given language, religion, race, gender, or sexual preferences. What really matters to us is how positive your vibe is: do you care for others more than yourself? Are you prepared to protect your tribe? Will you treat your fellow tribesmen and women with the same level of respect that you would like to be treated yourself?

What matters to us is your inner beauty: we believe that karma is real and that how much you put into this world will directly affect the world that you leave behind for future generations. We want to make make this world we live in a better place for everyone. If you feel the same as us; and if you share our beliefs, then YOU are part of this family and family means more than anything to us. We will NEVER leave you behind; and above all else, we will always be connected by the transformative power of LOVE.

Monkey Project aims to provide the best music for its business partners/venues by bringing together the best global and local DJ’s to Turkey.

Monkey Project aims to provide the best music for its business partners/venues by bringing together the best DJ’s globally and local DJ’s

Who we are

Founded in 2016, Monkey Project is a family of 25 people from across the world. Our brothers and sisters carry out a wide range of functions: from music producers to DJ’s to PR, events and social media management.

We are best known for bringing house and deep house to Istanbul via our regularly scheduled
events held every Saturday in 2017/2018 winter season and summer events across the best venues in Izmir/Cesme.

In addition to its core business, the Monkey Project is also the local Turkish business partner to best worldwide known Global Music Agencies and Labels.

Monkey Project Official DJ's


Charliecan7 started his career in music in 1998 by founding Funky Business Production. He booked global superstar DJ’s such as Tiesto, Faithless, Sasha and John Digweed. He additionally acts as a consultant to Carlsberg since [date]. After a lengthy hiatus, Charliecan7 returned to his true love: making music. In 2016, he founded the Monkey
Project. He is currently responsible for organizing events around the world. He is currently the music director of Dusk Alacati,
Pioneer Dj Turkey and Flamme Istanbul.


Ogun K got his keen passion for music through his
father's interest in world music across different
eras. He was exposed to a wide range of music and musical instruments from his childhood. Through his interaction with instruments on a daily basis, he has been able to bring a unique sound to his musical compositions. His great interest in music for 20 years eventually lead
him to his passion in modern electronic music.
From there, he started sharing his discoveries with people via his performances across Turkey’s most fashionable and exciting venues. His unique sound is one of techno with elements of ethnic music and melodic tones
He is especially fond of sharing his musical
discoveries with the Monkey Project family and to make them dance enthusiastically and forget about their daily grind.


Haze-M is a techno, tech house & deep house
producing artist from Tunisia. He co-founded
DTD Records and is the proprietor of Haze Music.
He established himself on record labels such as
Toolroom Records, Time Has Changed, Smiley Fingers, ViVa Music and more.


Deniz Kabu’s musical journey started with heavy metal, but his better known for the dark, hypnotic, booty-
shaking music that has earned him the support of heavyweights like Amine Edge & Dance, Tube & Berger, Eats Everything, Catz N Dogz, LOUISAHHH, Kolombo,
LouLou Players, Shiba San, Kryder and others.


Ozan Yazgan was born, raised, and started his path in music in Istanbul – the city where sound never stops. After playing and being the resident DJ across
Istanbul’s top clubs and hotels, he became the
resident DJ and hosting manager of Dusk in Alacati, Izmir. His musical style follows the progressive dark
melodic pattern using minimal sounds touching the subconscious of the listeners with passion.


Proving that he has a rich musical background by
showing performances in many kinds of music,
MD'EEP has been engaged in electronic music for 20 years and has performed performances in important nightclubs of istanbul. The deep rhythms of Afro and
Techno became a brigde in sharing the emotions
they feel with people. This detail has also been an inspiration to him in determining his name. MD'EEP, who dreams of moving his music out of the country by producing new tracks, is inspired by famous names like Roger Sanchez, Black Coffee, Rancido, Brian Cid, Trikk, Ame.


An avid blues and guitar fan, Berk Pakkan’s interest in the electronic music started with listening to Chemical
Brothers and Prodigy cassette tapes at an early age. In a spectrum extending from nu disco to techno, he composes his sets with his personal motto that “best song is the one that makes you wanna dance”. He prefers playing tunes with ecstatic synth &
guitar sounds along with hypnotic basslines and
electrifying beats. He describes his most remarkable gig as the one he has performed at the Burning Man 2017.


The youngest member of the Monkey Project family, İrem Arslan was born on 30 January 1996. Her interest
in music started at an extremely young age with the lullabies that her mother sang her to sleep with. From those peaceful melodies, she developed an interest in heavy metal music; which eventually lead her to learing how to play an electric guitar at an early age. Her biggest hobby is finding little-known musical gems and sharing her discoveries with her friends. By the
tender age of 17, she was composing playlists for
various high-school events. Luckily for all of us, her biggest supporter, her mother, recognized her talent
for music registered İrem to Turkey’s prestigious Burak Yeter’s Connection Records DJ Academy/School.
Her biggest dream is to compose new songs
in her own name to reflect external world with her inner side .


Hurcan has been interested in music since his childhood and has always dreamed of playing to thousands of people. In order to reach his dreams, he took the first step during university years and signed up for a unique DJ course. After two months of training, he advanced his career by joining the Monkey Project and became a member
of our family. He counts Hot Since82, Chus & Ceballos as his inspirations. He is known for his playing afro
house, tech house and deep house mixes.


Born in Edirne, Thrace in 1980. At the begining of the 90s, at the age of 13, he was introduced to electronic music and soon music became a life long ambition for him. At a young age, he started presenting a radio
programme called Techno Party which proved to be popular among young people in Thrace. This led him
to DJaying in local clubs. He entered into a national DJaying contest and became a finalist. Currently, he is a member of Monkey Project and he continues
DJaying all over the country in various venues.

Monkey Project Team






Social Media & PR

What We do

Monkey Project aims to provide the best music for its business partners/venues by bringing together the best global and local DJ’s from across the whole spectrum of the electronic music. We pride ourselves on being to match the correct DJ for each of our partner venues.

The Monkey Project is able to ensure high attendance to all of its events actively engaging with and building on its followers and guests that have been brought together at its events through the last 3 years with an effective PR and social media strategy that involves audio visual materials